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Hi Sara! I'm so sorry but I'm going to talk "fast food" with you rn. Even if you don't like fast food but... KFC or McDonald's. 1st question: Which between the two has better food quality taste? 2nd question: Which is less unhealthy? (Like less fats reduced, etc)Thanks Sara! XO

I’m not sure, I don’t think I’ve ever had KFC. I’m not a fan of McDonald’s taste-wise, I much prefer Burger King or Harvey’s if we’re talking fast food burgers. I do like McDonald’s fries and nuggets, though!

As for your second question, I have no idea - I’m not a nutritionist so your guess is as good as mine. They’re probably equally unhealthy if you ask me! (Or equally healthy if you get a salad with no dressing, haha.)

Don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s okay to eat unhealthy things once in a while! :) Live your life, treat yo’ self. That’s my motto. (What’s a motto? Nothing! What’s a-motto with you?) x

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You’ve got a heart of gold, you know.

I can’t imagine what gave you that impression, but I’m sorry to have fooled you! ;)

(No, but seriously: thank you. That’s very kind.)

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AWWW SUPER LOVE YOUR BLOG. so delicate and feminine and exactly how i imagine heaven should be. filled with lace and romantic music :)

Wow, thank you, that means a lot. I hope heaven is filled with romantic music and beautiful things, that would be nice!

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Fic? What does it mean it particular? Thank you.

I believe it’s the shortened version of fanfic (fan fiction) in which a writer takes an existing person, story, setting, etc, and writes creatively about it. 

In my case I had blog follower who would write little fics about me in my ask box, which was very sweet. 

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Do you celebrate Christmas (on a religious perspective)?

I absolutely love Christmas, but for me it’s all about spending time with family, giving gifts, and eating yummy things. (And also holiday-themed lattes and Christmas music and twinkly lights!)

I’m not a Christian or part of any religion (I’m agnostic), so to answer your question: no.

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i love love love!!! did you edit how you wanted your layout to be (links on the side, instgram, about me section) or was is an option layout?

Thank you for reading my blog, that made me very happy! Yes, I customized the layout of my blog myself, until it was completely unrecognizable from the original theme. I added the two sidebars and all the widgets/buttons/stuff in them. :)

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Have you watched Brokeback Mountain yet? What are your thoughts about the film?

Yes I did, back when it came out in 2005. I don’t remember much but I think I enjoyed it? And it’s great that a queer relationship was in a mainstream, critically-acclaimed film. I hope we get more of those.

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I just feel so fed up with everything. I can't concentrate or function and I have my a levels and all I do is sit in my room with my books out and either try not to cry or I do and I can't revise because I have so much going on in my mind. And to top if of the one person I can talk to and who cares isn't answering me and so I'm worried something's happened to him as he's on holiday and drinking and if he goes I won't have anyone to help me and I just don't know what to do anymore or how tohelp:(

I’m really sorry that you’re under so much pressure and feeling stressed out. That’s a completely understandable reaction, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You’ve got enough to deal with, so try to put your friend out of your mind for now.

As heartless as this may sound, whether or not something has happened to him, worrying is not going to change events. It’ll just occupy your time, prevent you from focusing on your own life, and hinder your performance on A-levels. Plus, he’s probably perfectly fine, having a great time on holiday. Our imaginations can run amock sometimes and we dream up terrible situations.

Study hard, but don’t forget to take breaks and relax and do something fun, too. Our minds work best when we take short, frequent breaks. Do your best, and don’t be too hard on yourself. If you work hard and do your best, you deserve to be proud of yourself no matter the result.

I’m sure you’ll do great, and if you need to stop and have a good cry, do! You probably need a release and you’ll feel loads better after. xx

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Dear Sara, lately i've been worrying that one day I will lose touch with my friends that mean the world to me at the moment. I don't get to spend time with them very much and i am shy when it comes to asking them to hang out. Do you have any tips on how to keep friendships alive for years to come, and how to invite them to hang out? thank you :) x

I firmly believe that people make time for the things and people that matter to them. If you are true friends, and all parties truly want to stay in touch for a long, long time, you will. It’ll take time and effort from everyone involved and sometimes it’ll be difficult or inconvenient, but you’ll do it.

As for initiating hangouts, that’s important. If you never initiate things out of shyness, that might be misinterpreted as a lack of desire to hang out. So ask! They’re your friends, I’m sure they’d love to spend time with you. :)

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just wanted to tell you that your blog is beautiful. looking at it makes me happy :)

That’s wonderful. So glad you enjoy it, thank you!

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How do I stop myself being sad? I have many friends, a loving family and a gorgeous boyfriend but none of them can seem to make me happy at yhe moment. I cnt decide what to do, and it really effects my day to day life. I've tried telling them but no one understands.. Any advice would be appreciated.

I wish there were a simple answer to this.

Happiness does not come entirely from external factors; for the most part, happiness depends upon ourselves.

Of course, basic needs like food, water, shelter, safety, sleep, and companionship are crucial to happiness, but beyond those it gets quite complicated. You could be the wealthiest, most popular person in the world and still be miserable. Look at celebrities!

Although you may have great friends, a loving family, and a great boyfriend, you could still be struggling for a number of reasons. Perhaps there’s something else going on that’s bothering you - it could be something that happened a while ago that you just never dealt with, or a source of stress in your life. Perhaps your relationships aren’t as deep and fulfilling as you’d like them to be. Perhaps you’re not going after what you really want in life and are instead following a path someone else is leading you down.

Remember to strive to live a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside. 

Happiness is a constant battle for just about everyone, I think, and it’s something you need to work on daily. Don’t place your happiness in the hands of others. Take care of yourself like you’d take care of your best friend, lover, or favorite character. You matter, and you need nurturing. 

If there’s something or someone that is a negative force in your life, cut them out if at all possible.

Do things that make you happy, even small things: go for a walk, read a book, listen to music, re-watch your favorite movie or series, take a bubble bath, call your friend. I’ve written a whole post about 10 Tips For Staying Positive, which you can check out here.

There’s another possibility, too. You could be suffering from clinical depression. I’m not a therapist or expert of any kind, but it might be worth speaking to a professional and getting a real diagnoses. If it is clinical depression, none of the above will solve your problem. A therapist will be able to help you cope and give you steps to take to start feeling better.

I wish you all the best! xx

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I had tried my best to mimic you’re slick routine; you made it seem so easy. In reality it was a lot harder than it looked.

I’m not sure which tutorial this is in reference to, but I’m sure with a bit of practice you’ll get the hang of it! :)

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I watched you for inspiration. You worked the room like a pro.

Is this a fic, or is this about my apartment tour? If the latter, thanks! If the first, fics are awesome, I welcome fics. :)

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I honestly envy you so much you are perfection & your apartment is beautiful wow xx

Thank you so much, that’s so sweet! :)

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Are you a vegetarian or vegan?

No I’m not, but I have great admiration for anyone who is!