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Top 10 favourite foods, go!

Aaaaahhhh! I’m going to go as broad as possible because I can’t ever choose specific dishes.

  1. chocolate-based things
  2. cheese-based things
  3. potato-based things
  4. bread/pasta/noodle-based things
  5. salmon in practically any form
  6. poutine has to be on this list somewhere
  7. fried things
  8. fruit
  9. I may have gone too broad so I’ll pick some specifics like sushi
  10. uuuuhhhhh meat I guess

I did a terrible job, I’m so sorry. Also, sugar.

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How many followers are you at on both blogs now? :)

This one has over 30,000 (which still shocks me daily), my personal blog recently hit a milestone that I’ll reveal in a soon to come giveaway post. :)

Happy to have all of you here & there! xx

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Kind of a random question, but since you're from Toronto and have worked as a MUA, do you know anything about reputable modeling agencies in the city?

I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about modeling agencies. Best of luck, though!

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What are your thoughts on Urban Decay's de-slick powder? Is it worth the $40?

I have to say no. It helps with oil control a little bit, but needs re-application every little while so I don’t quite think it’s worth its price tag. I prefer their de-slick setting spray.

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do you have any advice on how to prevent face powder from looking "cakey" after a few hours? I use a high end face primer and powder, so I'm not sure if it's the makeup or my skin causing this

Hello! I do believe that the majority of this is caused by your skin type. When I worked as a makeup artist I did the makeup on people of every kind of skin type, and what I noticed is that some people are lucky enough to have what I call “magical skin”. What I mean by this is that you can load on as much product as you want on their skin and they never look cakey. It just sort of… merges with their skin flawlessly. 

Others can look cakey after even the slightest makeup application. I’m prone to this group myself unfortunately.

I noticed drier skin types are more prone to looking cakey faster, but that’s not necessarily the rule. I saw oily skins with “magical skin” and normal, combination, and dry skin types too.

I’d recommend trying a finishing spray to set your makeup and keep it from moving around too much throughout the day. I like Urban Decay’s ones, which are made by Skindinavia. Hope that helps! x

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what foundation do you currently wear now that it's summer? :)

I’ve actually stopped wearing foundation since a few months ago. At first I switched to BB cream and then decided to quit that too. I use concealer on any blemishes and particularly red spots on my face, and then dust MAC’s Mineral Skin Finish Natural pressed powder all over. I feel these two in combination give me the full-coverage effect I want without suffocating my skin. :)

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I just saw a NARS sheer glow foundation pump on amazon, only $11. I remember you saying in a post once that you wished it came with one

You are so thoughtful, thank you! What I should have said was, “For the exhorbitant price you’re paying, it should already come with a pump”. I mean, for real. Even drugstore foundations come with pumps. Get it together, NARS.

(Also I don’t wear liquid foundation anymore!)

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Dear Sara: I recently came upon your MAC lipstick post on your other blog and absolutely loved all the colors. I went and got MAC's Rebel and I feel it looks great on me. Problem? I don't know how to dress to wear it. It's a really pretty color and I would like to wear it often. But I'm not very good at making an outfit for it. Help?

I love pairing it either with similarly toned burgundy clothes, or all black everything. :) But style is a personal choice and you are free to wear any lipstick colour with any outfit you like! (If you Google image search it, you can see it look good with a variety of outfit colours, too.)

Glad you like your new lipstick and thank you for reading my personal blog. :) xx

That post, for anyone curious, is here:

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Sorry, my twitter is private so if I reply to your tweet you won't see it, hence here I am! Haha, as for an app that let's you know when your shows return, try TV Show Tracker, I have it on my iphone. For the computer I really love episode calendar, I use it to track all my shows in more detail (episode by episode)!! :)

You’re the best, thank you! <3

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Hey Sara, I was about to go to sleep last night when I suddenly remembered your Q&A videos way back. Those were fun and something different, haha. been a longtime follower now actually but I only talked to u now. have a good day, lovely x :)

I’m glad you liked those! I keep wondering if I should start that up again on Sara du Jour. Might be fun. Thanks for following me all this time, hope you have a wonderful day too! x

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could you post a photo of your iPhone case collection? I'm curious to see all the ones you have

Hello! For my current iPhone (5S) I have 2 cases currently.

Both can be seen in this blog post:

I once had a third that I designed myself, but it got lost when I moved and I can’t for the life of me find it. Here it is:

I’m not really one to be constantly swapping my iPhone cases. Once I find something I love, I tend to stick with it for a while. :)

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Do you have a pinterest?

I sure do!

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Alright, alright. How about your favorite song/music? :)

Oh man, you insist on asking me all the toughest questions, huh? Same answer as before, I can’t pick just one song! I can’t even pick just one time period or genre, for heaven’s sake!

I love classical music, I love 1920s and 30s jazz, then 40s and 50s jazz, blues, and big band swing (think Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, etc.), 1970s disco and funk, and a lot of modern stuff too, mostly indie and folk, but some pop and R&B and rap mixed in too. I also love classic Disney songs and showtunes and ballads.

You can get a taste of my musical taste here. :)

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What's your favorite book?


Please don’t make me choose between all my favorites - that’s too cruel! ;)

Here’s a list of all my favorite books and series, from a variety of genres:

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is it possible for a guy to court someone but likes someone else at the same time. or rather can a guy like someone but they dont have the courage to ask her maybe because for some reasons and go flirts with someone else instead. but guys should be brave enough to ask the girl he likes i mean if he really likes her right? *sigh* hard to love someone who might just be playing w/ your feelings </3

My personal belief is that it’s possible for a person of any gender to have some romantic feelings for multiple people at once, but I don’t believe it’s possible for someone to romantically love more than one person at once. 

So yes, I believe it’s possible for the guy in question to court one person while simultaneously liking someone else, too. But I think what you’re really asking is for me to tell you this guy secretly has feelings for you and that you should wait around for him.

I would never advise that. Don’t make excuses for people who don’t make every effort to be in your life. The ones that want to be with you will do what it takes to show interest, even if they’re shy or it’s hard for them. 

Don’t waste your time on this one, you deserve better. I’m sorry you’re going through this, I know it’s hard. x