10 Tips for Building Self Confidence


10 Tips for Building Self Confidence - Sara du Jour

One of the most common questions I get asked online is about how to build your confidence and feel good about yourself. 

In a world that literally functions based on telling people (especially women) that they’re not good enough as they are (yay, capitalism!), having confidence in the face of that onslaught is no easy feat.

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Asked by Anonymous

If you could have any talents, what would your dream job be?









*jazz hands*

No, but really. Theatre, especially musical theatre, is what I love most in the world, and it’s a tragedy that I’m a mediocre singer and actress, and a truly terrible dancer.

I’m morally against stage moms but I kind of wish my mom had been a little bit. 

What would you do? :)

Asked by coeuroline

Hi Sara! I want to start reading Jane Austen and I wonder if you could tell me which of her books is most suitable for autumn? Thanks!

I’ve only actually read Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, though I’m familiar with Emma and Mansfield Park though several film adaptations, too.

I don’t think I can speak to which is most apt to the season (I’ve never thought about books that way, it’s interesting!), but since Pride and Prejudice was my favorite read, I’ll recommend you go with that! Happy reading. xx

Asked by foughtthewolvesofpatience

From one Sara to another, hmmm, Sherlock?!

That’s tough! I adore that show to bits but I can’t say there’s a character I really relate to. I’d like to think I’m fairly sharp but I’m definitely no Sherlock. John’s a great character but I don’t necessarily see myself in him. Or Irene, or Moriarty, or Molly, or Mary, or Mycroft, or Mrs. Hudson. (My, that’s a lot of M-names!)

Maybe Lestrade, if pushed? Or Sgt Sally Donovan? (Thanks!)

Asked by Anonymous

i absolutely LOVE parenthood and grey's anatomy! :)

I haven’t watched Parenthood, but the first 5 or so seasons of Grey’s have a special place in my heart.

When I initially watched the show I related to Meredith 100%, almost scarily so, to the point where I could predict most of her actions because they were what I would have done, too. Now that I’m a few years older I find myself relating more and more to Cristina. :) Thank you!

Asked by Anonymous

The Hunger Games

Definitely Katniss. Though I relate to Peeta’s desire to rise above the situation and not be manipulated by it.

Thanks! :)

Asked by Anonymous

Hi, I was wondering what you used to edit your icon? It's lovely.

I did all the editing manually in Photoshop. I wish there was a quick app or filter to do that! :)

And thank you! x

Asked by Anonymous

What do you call those roofs usually most ice cream stores have? Those striped roofs. I need help, seriously. Thanks a lot if you'd help me.

I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind, but perhaps “awnings”? xx

Asked by Anonymous

What happened to your giveaway? Have you picked a winner yet? :)

I did, on September 1st as promised. I announced on Facebook & Twitter, but will ammend the blog post itself since a few people seem to have been left wondering. :)

Sorry you didn’t win, thanks for entering!

Asked by Anonymous

Do you follow foreverfleurs or know any other blogs similar to her's? love her style and yours, so just wanted to ask

Sorry, I don’t publicly share who I do and don’t follow, that’s between me and them. If you’re looking for similar blogs to mine, check out the ones I reblog! :)

Asked by Anonymous

if you could have any two quotes framed and hanging in your room or living area, which would you choose?

Oh man, so so many. I love so many quotes, it’s out of this world. My apartment is plastered in various quotes, and I have plans to add many more. :)

Most of my favorite quotes can be found on tumblr here and on Pinterest here. :)

Asked by Anonymous

When will you announce the winner of your giveaway?

The winner was chosen on Sept 1 - I announced that the winner was contacted on Facebook and Twitter. Sorry you didn’t win, thanks for entering! :) xx

Asked by Anonymous

What do you think of raw veganism? I know you watch trisha and the whole thing with freelee got me to look more into her lifestyle. Seems extreme

I don’t believe in how Freelee eats (what little I know of it) because it seems to me like she binge eats. I do think raw veganism is an incredibly healthy lifestyle choice, though. I was actually a raw vegan for a year and half, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. It’s terribly hard to stick to though, and you can’t eat out anywhere. :( Great for your body and the planet, as long as you’re eating balanced and getting all the nutrients you need. Those are my two cents!

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question for a gif: would you check out my fashion blog and let me know what you think ? it's festival-fashions (on tumblr) it would mean a lot! :) thanks!


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Are you dating anyone?