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You're so prettyy!! <3

And you’re so lovely! Thank you, kind stranger! x

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What are your thoughts on the Naked pallets from Urban Decay? Have you ever used/purchased one?

I bought the first Naked palette back when I was in my “I need every new makeup palette that exists” phase.

Honestly, it’s nice, but I already had the neutral shadows I needed from other brands/palettes so it was a bit redundant for me. I don’t use it as often as I should - but thanks for reminding me! :)

(And it is a very nice palette if you’re looking for a selection of matte and shimery neutrals.) xx

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Why haven't you been updating saradujour very often lately?

Sorry I’ve been a bad blogger lately - I updated my Facebook page with my big news so check that out if you want to know what’s been going on in my life lately. :) 

The skinny: I was apartment hunting intensively this month, and am moving into my own place Feb. 1st! 

Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon and with brand new exciting posts. Thanks for being a reader! xx

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Are you liking the iPhone 5s? What is your favourite new feature about it? Anything you dislike about it?

I LOVE IT. It’s super fast, and sleek, and gorgeous, and the fingerprint scanner makes me feel like Bond. :)

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i don't know why but... my friends are all super attractive and it's kind of stressing me out because i don't feel good about myself and i don't see something very special about me so most of the time i don't believe people who compliment me because everytime they do, i always like "are you blind don't you see her? *pointing at my attractive friend*". it's weird and i know it's stupid but it's the truth :s i'm sorry

“Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.”

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Do you think this guy likes me, because one day while I was talking to him, he looked deep into my eyes, and started caressing my cheek and chin for like 10 seconds. But then again the day was very sentimental because we just finished performing, so I'm just assuming that that is his way of showing affection.

Honestly, I cannot answer any of these “does this person like me” questions with any degree of accuracy. Of course, it’s possible. But if you don’t know - and you were there! - there’s no way I can know from a few lines of text from a stranger across the world.

I am of the belief that until someone out and out tells you they have feelings for you, it’s better not to assume so. (That can be embarrassing for everyone involved.)

I hope things work out the way you want them to, either way! :)

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Hi Sara. I'm feeling down right now. I wonder what's wrong with me. I'm trying my best to socialize with my classmates but I saw this boy and he pointed me and let my other classmate see me and they laughed at me. I really want to cry and I'm trying to be strong. I have been bullied before and I wonder maybe there really is something wrong with me. But all I do is being nice to them. It's really hard :'(

I’m so sorry that happened to you, love. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Sometimes people are assholes because they’re feeling insecure about themselves and their own lives, and try to make other people feel worse so that they can feel better.

It’s very sad.

I was bullied quite a lot as a child, and I desperately wanted to be like everyone else and not stick out like a sore thumb. As I got older I learned that it’s okay to be unique, in fact - it’s quite nice to be! Now I’m proud of all the things that make me different. :) I hope you soon feel that way too! x

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OMG anon the same thing happened to me!! This guy was wallking past me and singing what makes u beautiful lol haha

Aww, that’s very sweet! It’s like you guys are living inside a Disney movie or a musical!

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Hey sara! Could you please add elsa and ana in your disney dreamcast ? Love your blog honey

Ooh, maybe one day! I think I’m done with dreamcasting for now, though. Something I did for fun a few years back. My tastes have changed quite a lot since then! :)

And thank you!

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on your saradujour blog, the first picture of you and your dad... you look kind of like demi lovato. you're so pretty. c:

Wow, thanks very much - I’ve not heard that one before! :D

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Why does my classmate (a guy) sing when he's near me? I mean it's awkward o.O

Haha, I’m not sure! Perhaps he likes you, or perhaps he just likes to sing. (Or both?) :)

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What is the single most important "want" that you have for yourself?

To figure out exactly what I want to accomplish in this lifetime and actually do so. (Which is kind of the same answer as “be happy”, I think.)

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You are a beautiful person with beautiful heart, you’re my favourite adoration.

Oh gosh, thank you - that’s very kind!

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i hate to be intrusive, but ive found myself in a bit of a pickle and in need of advice. have you ever had a falling out with a best friend? or have you and your best friend gotten into funks, for little periods of time where everything just seemed off? if so, how did you recover from it?

I am very very lucky to have never had a falling out with a best friend. I have had little riffs with “friends” who turned out not to be, though. And that’s okay - better to find out sooner rather than later. 

As far as your situation goes, this is cliche but “communication is key”. They’re your best friend! Talk to them about it! Figure out what’s going on. Chances are they’re feeling uncomfortable with the situation too. Find out what the problem is, and then both of you can work through it, if you both still want to be in the friendship. Good luck and I hope things work out!

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hey sara, i recently finished studying and i have no idea what i should do next. i was wondering if you have any tips on finding the right job or something? xx thank you!

Boy, that’s a big question. I think it’s best to follow your interests, and hopefully you did that with school. If you graduated from a program you enjoyed, I’d recommend you start looking for jobs in that field and get to networking, STAT! :) Best of luck!