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Oh please, oh please don't ever stop blogging. Not on this blog or your personal c:

I’m so honoured that you enjoy both my blogs, thank you! I am really enjoying blogging at present, and have no plans to stop as long as there are people who like reading it! x

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Do you have a car or do you prefer to use public transportation?

I do not drive nor own a car. I live in Toronto, so public transportation is a lot more convenient. And I save buckets on insurance, gas, and parking! :)

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Hello :) out of curiosity and love for fragrances, what are some of your favorite perfumes?

Hi! I actually did a post about this very subject about a year ago on Sara du Jour.

The only addition being Victor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb, which I received as a birthday gift from my best friend Angelika last year. :)

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You are one of my role models in life, and although I don't know you personally, you are someone I aspire to be like.

Do you know how lovely it was to wake up today, check my emails, and see your sweet message first thing? Thank you so much, that really is so kind of you.

I am slightly concerned, though, that you might be aiming too low, in terms of role models. I’m not anyone special - I haven’t done anything noteworthy or changed the world for the better. I’m just a person with a blog who watches too much Netflix and is striving to live an enjoyable life.

What about these fantastic women?

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Do you mind sharing what kind of makeup brushes you use? Like what brand?

Hello! I use a mix of Sephora, MAC, and Sigma brushes. :)

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would you ever do a "like this and i'll check out your blog?"?

Sure! Like this & I’ll give your blog a look!

(Please don’t be hurt if I don’t follow though, I’m sure all of your blogs are lovely but I’m quite happy with the balance of my dashboard at present.)

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What do you think of Trisha Paytas?

I think she’s a sweet, entertaining woman. I enjoy many of her non-trolling videos. Obviously we have vastly different politics and stances on feminism, but I think that’s largely because she’s ignorant about those subjects. I’d like to be her friend and give her hugs and make her not feel so alone. 

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Three random questions because you're delightful and I enjoy reading your ask responses. 1. What do you normally pack for lunch? 2. Who is your favorite YouTuber? 3. What is one makeup item you would want with you on a desert island? 4. What would the title of your autobiography be?

You think I’m delightful!? That made my night. :)

1. I mostly fail at packing my lunches, to be honest. I am a very lazy person and most often don’t bother with it in the evenings (and certainly don’t wake up early enough to do it in the mornings). On the rare occasions I do, it’s usually a sandwich (sometimes smoked salmon, sometimes spicy hummus and veggies), or leftover pasta from the night prior. And I try to bring some fruit for breakfast or snacks!

2. I used to be more into Youtube personalities, but kind of lost interest over the last year or so. I do really enjoy the little skits and challenges Jimmy Fallon does with celebrities, though. So I pick him!

3. I would have absolutely no desire to wear makeup on a desert island, haha! Can I trade in for some major SPF or lip balm? :) (Or a big, floppy hat at least?)

4. The title of my autobiography would probably be “Breakfast at Four in the Afternoon”. :)

Fun questions, thanks! x

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Do you think men like women who are made up/wear bold lip colors etc? I know women don't wear makeup for men and that every man is different but in your travels have you found that men like your classic makeup or prefer more natural looks?

Genders can’t be generalized like that. Just like women come in a variety of flavours, with individual characteristics, interests, tastes, passions, personalities, and aesthetics, so too do men.

There is not one single thing “all men” agree on. Everyone is different and different people find different things physically appealing. It’s easiest just to do what you want to do and be yourself, that way you’ll attract the right person to you naturally. Nobody can keep up a charade forever, it takes way too much effort, and in the end your partner will discover you’re not actually what they signed up for. Why bother?

In my experience, when men have been attracted to me, I don’t know exactly whether it’s because they like my eyeliner or my wit. I don’t really ask men what they think about my makeup - that’s totally irrelevant to me.

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what do you think of game of thrones?

Of the books, I have only read the first one (A Game of Thrones) thus far, but I’m up-to-date on the show. I really enjoyed the book, and I do enjoy the show though it has many problematic elements, not least of which seems to be HBO’s/the show creators’ fetishization of rape and violence towards women in general.

I adore Tyrion though, and I really like Sansa too.

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what do you think of dita von teese? you remind me of her :)

I don’t know very much about her, but from the few quotes of hers I’ve seen here on tumblr, she seems like a pretty kick-ass feminist! 

Thank you very much!

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Hey Sara! I just saw your last ask and I was wondering if you are aware of how fast food restaurants (and even most grocery stores and restaurants) acquire their meat? What is your opinion on that? Do you support the meat industry?

Are you referring to factory farming? Yeah, that’s absolutely awful. I was vegetarian for 8 years and vegan for 1.5 years, so I am completely aware of all that stuff, and while I am still very much aligned with those values ideologically, I do eat meat now so that’s quite hypocritical of me. If I didn’t enjoy it so much I’d go back to being veg in a heartbeat. 

I admire anyone who is vegetarian or vegan! :)

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Hi Sara! I'm so sorry but I'm going to talk "fast food" with you rn. Even if you don't like fast food but... KFC or McDonald's. 1st question: Which between the two has better food quality taste? 2nd question: Which is less unhealthy? (Like less fats reduced, etc)Thanks Sara! XO

I’m not sure, I don’t think I’ve ever had KFC. I’m not a fan of McDonald’s taste-wise, I much prefer Burger King or Harvey’s if we’re talking fast food burgers. I do like McDonald’s fries and nuggets, though!

As for your second question, I have no idea - I’m not a nutritionist so your guess is as good as mine. They’re probably equally unhealthy if you ask me! (Or equally healthy if you get a salad with no dressing, haha.)

Don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s okay to eat unhealthy things once in a while! :) Live your life, treat yo’ self. That’s my motto. (What’s a motto? Nothing! What’s a-motto with you?) x

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i love love love!!! did you edit how you wanted your layout to be (links on the side, instgram, about me section) or was is an option layout?

Thank you for reading my blog, that made me very happy! Yes, I customized the layout of my blog myself, until it was completely unrecognizable from the original theme. I added the two sidebars and all the widgets/buttons/stuff in them. :)

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I watched you for inspiration. You worked the room like a pro.

Is this a fic, or is this about my apartment tour? If the latter, thanks! If the first, fics are awesome, I welcome fics. :)